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Navigating Digital Maturity to Drive Business Growth


Navigating Digital Maturity to drive business growth

Digital Maturity Assessments offer a strategic approach for companies to navigate these complexities, providing valuable insights and guidance on their digital transformation journey.


Optimisation of a Supply Chain: Computing the Humanly Infeasible


Optimisation of a Supply Chain: Computing the Humanly Infeasible

How has technology’s role in businesses evolved, where are we headed with Industry 4.0 and how can it be capitalised in supply chain optimisation?

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Resource Optimisation: maximising utility within capacity constraints

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Resource Optimisation: maximising utility within capacity constraints

How can companies ensure resource optimisation for maximum profit in industries with limited rooms, villas, or otherwise accommodations available?

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Fleet Decarbonisation in the mining industry: changing the game to reduce carbon footprint


Fleet Decarbonisation in the mining industry to reduce carbon footprint

Around the globe, a movement is forming and gaining steam: to make the Earth a greener and sustainable place with net-zero carbon emissions. Most global companies have publicly declared their commitment to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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Winsome Cham
Winsome ChamAssociate Partner (2014.1 intern)
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The internship allowed me to work part-time and closely with the consultants to deliver on projects to clients, while also committing to the demands of University. Since my start, I was able to feel part of the project team and see how my contributions added value to the project. Also, I was able to learn a lot from those around me straight away. Here, students can start their careers aiming to become consultants and partners.
Sujal Dhungana
Sujal DhunganaConsultant (2020.2 intern)
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I started six months ago as an intern, and as soon as I finished my studies I started full time. It has been an incredible journey getting hands-on work with the client and full autonomy in the things I do. I'm only limited by my imagination in the work I do.
Sai Mittapalli
Sai MittapalliConsultant (2019.2 intern)
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Visagio is a company that accelerates my learning and growth, allowing me to work on many different projects across various industries - keeping work always exciting and interesting. I am constantly learning from everyone regardless of whether they are an intern or a partner. The projects we work on are great and in times of a struggle, there is always someone raising their hand to come and help you out.
Juliet Li
Juliet LiConsultant (2019.1 intern)
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I started working in Visagio as an intern in May 2019 and became full time after graduating in August 2020. The amount of teamwork and support that is available in Visagio makes it a great place to work. I find it amazing how they value the uniqueness of each individual and combines them into something great.

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