Governance, People & Management

At Visagio, we believe that high performance organizations are those that can integrate their governance, management and people models. The connection between these three models promotes the alignment of internal incentives with the expectations of its stakeholders – both in terms of results and internal culture.

With an integrated approach, Visagio helps our clients to implement projects focused on Strategy, Organizational Management, and People and Governance Models, aligned to our People & Management concepts.

In addition, we believe in the connection between the People & Management Model and the capacity to innovate. People & Management practices should enable organizations to join their focus on operational excellence with a culture of innovation, creating the capability to grow into new businesses while protecting its core activities.

Results achieved by our clients


leaders with remuneration models redesigned


of employees reporting improvement in their experience with HR interfaces


increase in business valuation through implementation of a new operating model

Understand how Visagio can support the restructuring of your People, Management and Governance models

ESG & Governance Design
Ensure alignment of focus and objectives between shareholders, board and other business stakeholders.
Strategic Planning
Define strategies and objectives to set a clear path to profitability, cash generation and sustainability for your organization.
Organizational Design
Redesign your company's organizational structure to make sure it aligns with the objective to deliver the business strategy.
People, Management & Innovation Model
Define and cascade strategies, ensuring the alignment between business objectives and the people management model.
Employee Journey
Understand your employee's journey in the company - from recruiting and development, to performance evaluation and incentives.
PMO & Change Management
Monitor, control and identify risks as a way to support change management processes and achieve the planned results.
New Normal
Understand how the changes caused by the COVID pandemic impact the way business works.

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