Frame explaining the areas in which we operate in Efficiency Solutions projects

There can be many drivers that lead a company to pursue an efficiency project: the need for overall cost reduction, profitability improvement through channel or product, capturing efficiencies post-merger / post-integration between companies, or even an organizational restructuring.

Our approach varies according to the drivers, company context, and subject maturity level. We offer a wide range of solutions and methodologies to assist organisations in addressing challenges related to cost reduction and performance improvement. Our approach is structured as follows:

Specific Projects: focus on specific company pain points, such as creating a Shared Services Center (SSC) to promote synergy and scale gains in transactional processes and implement a Zero-Base Budget, seeking efficiency from the beginning of the company’s process budget.

Efficiency Programs: usually presented as an ongoing program, with flexible and comprehensive scope. There programs are composed of several projects’ that can be road mapped and conducted in parallel or sequential. For example, within a single efficiency program, we can review the organisational structure, optimise processes, renegotiate contracts and manage investments (capex).

Who is it for?

Our solutions aim to help small, medium and large companies, including both early-stage companies (start-ups) and well consolidated companies.

Main sectors in which we have success cases on efficiency in recent years:

  • Financial Services, Consumer Goods Industry, Retail, Mining, Telecommunications, Durable Goods Industry, Tourism and Technology

USD +1 bi

In results generated by the Efficiency Program in a Financial Services company


Increase in valuation and total debt settlement for a family food company with USD +200M in revenue.


Of efficiency captured and share appreciation by +20x in the 2-year Program in a Telecom company with USD ~1 bi in revenue.

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