Supply Chain & Logistics

The increase in distribution channels and strategies in the market has led companies to reassess their own logistical structure and the trade-off between cost and service level. Supply chain management then becomes a pivotal capability to achieve competitive advantage considering all aspects related to operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our team has vast experience and technical knowledge to help you overcome your supply chain challenges through the utilization of analytics, optimizing logistics network and processes, including transportation and warehousing.

Results achieved by our clients


TCO savings and record sales with minimum disruption


average inventory level reduction, maintaining service levels

Transform your business through a competitive supply chain, optimizing the flow of information, people, products and services

S&OP and Demand Forecasting
Create robust return on investment, through an integrated planning for supply, production, working capital and sales.
Inventory Management
Reduce working capital while maintaining service level.
Production Planning and Control
Deliver the right quantity at the right time and at the lowest possible cost.
Warehouse Management
Understand the needs and behavior of each distribution channel and design processes for each stocking location.
Transport Management
Maintain low transportation costs while reducing lead times.
Logistics Network Optimization
From stock to the final client. Define the ideal logistics network for your company.
Industrial Process Engineering
Unlock business results through an agile methodology to reduce waste and structure your data.
Control Tower and Data Intelligence
Utilize technology, data science and business intelligence to inform the optimal management decisions in a timely manner.
Procurement Process Engineering
Enable greater efficiency with lower risks through better partnerships along the supply chain.

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