Customer Experience

In recent times, Customer Experience has become a recurring theme and a priority of many organizations. Understanding customer needs, minimizing friction and creating an excellent experience at all points of contact have become key success factors for companies looking to differentiate themselves. The big challenge is how to adapt to the Customer Era and find the best way to transform the organization by placing the customer at the center of the business strategy.

Visagio implements projects focused on Customer Experience through a model that combines the excellence of the customer experience with increased revenue and cost efficiency. Our approach ranges from designing the client’s journey, implementing research, analyzing data and the root cause machine of the offending motives, to structuring a governance to act on continuous improvement and supporting the dissemination of the internal culture of centrality on the customer within the organization.

Results achieved by our clients

Up to 40%

improvement in the satisfaction of client's journeys


customer churn reduction through Customer Experience improvements


average reduction in the human contact rate


reduction of the serving costs

Transform your organization through an efficient and sustainable Customer Experience model, effectively impacting your customer's satisfaction and reflecting on better financial results for your company

Survey and Indicators Structuring
Measure customer satisfaction in all stages of their journeys, in order to identify and prioritize pain points to be addressed to achieve an excellent experience.
Governance Model and Root Cause & Insights Machine
Ensure root causes for low customer satisfaction are being addressed through continuous use of analytics and implementation of innovative action plans.
Excellence in Customer Service
Ensure all points of contact with the customer have optimized processes in place to increase efficiency and satisfaction.
Customer Analytics
Utilise data to understand your customer, their preferences, behaviors and needs to offer them the best options in the market.
Customer Success
Improve the relationship with your customers by offering services and products that maximize their results.

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