Transformation Units

In today’s era of volatility, there is no other way but to re-invent. The only sustainable advantage you can have over others is agility, that’s it. Because nothing else is sustainable, everything else you create, somebody else will replicate”


Source: HBR in partnership with Innosight

Businesses’ average presence in the S&P500 list reduced from 33 years in 1964, to 24 years in 2016 and is forecasted to be 12 years in 2027.

  • 75% Estimated number of businesses to lose their places in the S&P500 list within the next 15 years
  • 80% of executives recognize the need for transformation programs

In this context, the focus on sustainability is imperative for our clients and, with that in mind, we have developed a delivery-focused transformation framework, with proven results in 15+ businesses so far.

In partnership with our clients, we created the Transformation Units methodology, an agile performance model focused on improvement implementation for accelerated value generation. This model has contributed to the success in transformation and development programs of more than 15 companies to date

Results achieved by our clients


valuation increase for a company in the food industry


share value increase for a NASDAQ listed company


sales increase for a retail company


EBITDA improvement for a building & hardware company


market share increase for a capital goods company


reduction of costs for a retail company

The Transformation Unit

Encompasses operational, commercial and digital solutions, and is implemented with a focus on people, technology and innovation.

The Transformation Unit


Operational Transformation

Focus on cost and asset optimization, generating improved margin and cash conversion ratios.

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Business Transformation

Focus on customer experience improvement and sales channel optimization to increase revenue.

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Digital Transformation

Development of digital products, services, resources and businesses, based on the core competencies of the company with the aim to generate value.

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Technology: automation, analytics and Artificial Intelligence

People: leadership, culture and management

Key features of the Transformation Unit

To cater for each of our client's needs, the transformation unit framework focuses on 4 main attributes.

Organization via multifunctional squads and with flexible planning according to the generation of value for the business.
Presentation of progress and results, strategic decision-making and definition of next steps.
Implementation of the actions raised and search for quick results that can generate funds for new actions.
Ensuring the continuity of Transformation Unit solutions with the training and qualification of the client's employees.