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Supply Chain & Operations
Control Towers: Raising Service Level and Efficiency Through Smart Monitoring
A control tower can monitor a road freight delivery and/or collection operation, or the lifecycle of a product, as well as many other applications.
Supply Chain & Operations
The Next Step in Spare Parts Management: 3D Printing
Companies are looking to this family of technologies as a way of solving issues with making parts for end use.
Supply Chain & Operations
Supply Chain Network Optimisation: Delivering value through smart decisions
Network Optimisation is a mathematical technique that can be applied to business challenges, solving complex logistics problems and support business decisions.
Supply Chain & Operations
Connecting strategy and operation through S&OP
In an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing market, an important practice adopted by companies for maintaining a competitive advantage is S&OP
Supply Chain & Operations
The Accelerating Revolution: 3D Printing’s Impact on Supply Chains
One area that has been undergoing digital transformation for many years now is manufacturing and at the heart of that is the advent of 3D printing.