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People and Management
HR revolution in 5 blocks
How do you make changing HR paradigm take off?
People and Management
People Readiness: managing talents for longevity
The right people, at the right time, in the right place
Administration & Finance
¡Háblame en español! - thyssenkrupp Elevator’s journey of SSC internationalisation
The first steps - Operation in Brazil as an inspiration for Latin America
How can small and mid-sized companies make it through hard financial times
Why are smaller companies so sensitive to crisis?
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Seeing the Wood for the Trees: Supply Chain Assurance through Blockchain
Blockchain is still a new technology, and it is presently riding a wave of hype, with many companies invoking all manner of benefits from a wide range of uses.
Administration & Finance
Costs vs. Quality: The challenge of cutting expenses without impacting service quality for customers
Direct costs, which are associated with companies’ core business, are always under the spotlight.