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Knowledge management in geographically dispersed teams
Promoting knowledge sharing and development helps increase efficiency and creativity within the company.
Supply Chain & Operations
Supply Chain Network Optimisation: Delivering value through smart decisions
Network Optimisation is a mathematical technique that can be applied to business challenges, solving complex logistics problems and support business decisions.
Don’t let them go! Using machine learning as the key to retain customers
The use of advanced analysis techniques for identifying opportunities throughout the customer lifecycle has become an increasingly common practice
Supply Chain & Operations
Connecting strategy and operation through S&OP
In an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing market, an important practice adopted by companies for maintaining a competitive advantage is S&OP
People and Management
HR revolution in 5 blocks
How do you make changing HR paradigm take off?
People and Management
People Readiness: managing talents for longevity
The right people, at the right time, in the right place