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Supply Chain & Operations
Control Towers: Raising Service Level and Efficiency Through Smart Monitoring
A control tower can monitor a road freight delivery and/or collection operation, or the lifecycle of a product, as well as many other applications.
Supply Chain & Operations
The Next Step in Spare Parts Management: 3D Printing
Companies are looking to this family of technologies as a way of solving issues with making parts for end use.
How to increase the efficiency of your port operation?
In general, every production process is sized according to the capacity of its constraining resources, which is usually equipment that requires greater investme...
RPA Governance – automating processes in an efficient and sustainable manner
The importance of implementing a Centre of Excellence to reduce the operational risks and inefficiencies in uncontrolled structure.
Administration & Finance
The challenge of generating value for the business from the perspective of Financial Management
In increasingly dynamic markets, it is crucial that decisions are made, based on evidence and data.
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Knowledge management in geographically dispersed teams
Promoting knowledge sharing and development helps increase efficiency and creativity within the company.