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The Pillars of Sustainable IT within Organizations
IT and its social-environmental impacts
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Blockchain: Transparent and Streamlined Data Transactions
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What Are The Odds?
Trying to predict the result of sporting events is a highly common, yet an extremely complex practice.
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32 Interesting Facts About the Countries and Results from the World Cup Prediction Model
This insight will address some interesting facts about the result obtained using the model for each one of the 32 teams participating in the World Cup.
Supply Chain & Operations
The Accelerating Revolution: 3D Printing’s Impact on Supply Chains
One area that has been undergoing digital transformation for many years now is manufacturing and at the heart of that is the advent of 3D printing.
People and Management
The Three Steps to Becoming an Opinion Shaper in the People and Management Area
How to Evolve the People & Management model within your organisation The 3rd People & Management Survey conducted by Visagio in 2017 involved 83 compani...