Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The concept of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) involves the creation of scripts that automate human activities and even entire processes, providing significant productivity and quality gains.  A current trend the world over, RPA brings various benefits above those of other process automation methodologies, such as:

◾ Agility: The creation of robots is much faster than the development of bespoke systems or than BPA-style automation, as it reproduces exactly the same steps that a person carries out.  Moreover, Visagio uses tools that allow for the creation of robots with no programming expertise required, recording the steps that a user carries out to later reproduce them with high productivity.

◾ Cost: As it is faster to implement, the cost of automating using RPA is much lower than other alternatives.  Additionally, as it directly accesses systems’ visual interfaces, RPA avoids the costs associated with system integration, generally a significant part of the cost of an automation project.

◾ Flexibility: One of the biggest advantages of RPA is that it allows the person responsible for the execution of the process to participate in their own automation, thereby making the eventual changes and adjustments more agile, with less dependence on an IT team.

Visagio helps clients with the implementation of RPA, from defining its governance to automation and operation of the robots.  With a long experience of working with all sizes of organisation, we have achieved cost reductions of up to 80% as well as considerable improvement in service levels.


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