Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The concept of RPA allows for the creation of scripts that automate human activities and event entire processes, providing a huge increase in productivity and quality of execution.  A rising trend across all sectors worldwide, RPA brings enables many benefits over other automation methods, such as:

 Agility: The building of robots is much faster than developing a customized system or than BPMS-like automation, given that it reproduces the same steps that a person carries out.  Moreover, some RPA tools allow for the creation of robots with no programming, recording the steps that a user executes and reproducing them with much higher productivity

 Cost: As it is so much faster to implement, the cost of automating a process through RPA is much less that other approaches.  Furthermore, by directly using a systems visual interfaces, RPA avoids the costs of systems integration which are generally a significant part of an automation project’s costs.

 Flexibility: One of the greatest advantages of RPA is that it enables the person responsible for a process to participate in its automation, making the eventual changes and adjustments more agile (and so less dependence on a dedicated IT team)

Visagio provides RPA implementation, from defining the governance and building a business case through to automating and operating robots.  With an ample experience of working with all sizes of enterprise, we have a record of reducing costs by up to 80%, as well as significantly improving other KPIs.

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