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The management of relations with internal clients and suppliers is one of the key pillars in corporate and service delivery areas, as well as for Shared Services Centres, Procurement, HR, and so on.  Communication with those who make requests for those services is often carried out by telephone or email, which makes tracking and managing the demands impossible.

Visagio’s Calls Portal, already implemented in many companies and organisations, enables the registration and accompaniment of demands by managers and those who make requests, providing transparency of times to deliver and SLAs adherence.  To achieve those, the Portal has many functionalities:

◾ Flexible interpretation of workflows: Creating processes in a simple and fast manner, with the building of forms, status dashboards, roles and responsibilities

◾ Approvals Management: Approvals flows based on rules such as value bands, requesting area, etc

◾ History of Interactions: All the interactions on a opened call are made available, ensuring the tracking of the actions taken

◾ SLA Accompaniment: Real-time visibility of the handling and resolution of each call, as well as the service levels accorded to each entity

◾ Call Routing: Automatic directing of calls to the responsible person, ensuring the resource balancing and optimal call loading

◾ Flexibility: The tool is totally customizable, allowing for amendments to the interface with the user and the creation of new rules and controls

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