Visagio Ltd and DiManEx BV announce partnership to strengthen the end-to-end use of 3D printing in supply chains

Visagio Ltd and DiManEx BV are pleased to announce today that they have entered into a partnership, combining Visagio’s industry-leading supply chain services with DiManEx’s end-to-end platform.  This allows companies to optimize their supply chain by digitizing their inventory, producing parts on demand via 3D printing and having those delivered worldwide. 

With innovation playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of supply chain management, companies recognize that they need to look for new ways to overcome disruptions in their supply base.  The partnership brings together skills in supply chain, inventory and MRO spare parts management. 

The collaboration represents a step-change in the way in which both Visagio and DiManEx address the needs of the market, particularly in light of the global demand- and supply-side disruption from Covid-19.

“Together, Visagio and DiManEx form a powerful combination.  DiManEx provides analytics of vast amounts of technical and supply chain data, engineering services and a network of additive manufacturing partners under one roof.  This complements Visagio’s capabilities in supply chain, inventory optimization and data management, enabling organisations to quickly increase service levels, reduce costs and improve efficiencies in their supply chains,” said Len Pannett, Managing Partner EMEA at Visagio.

“Companies are increasingly looking for ways to optimize their supply chains and mitigate risks, such as those brought about by pandemics or geo-political tensions,” said Tibor van Melsem Kocsis, founder and CEO of DiManEx. “Our platform embeds 3D printing in supply chains easily, realising the concept of ‘Digital Inventory at your Fingertips, Ordered at a Click of a Button’.  Coupled with Visagio’s industry and management expertise, this is a winning combination for supply chain optimization.”

About Visagio Ltd

Visagio is a management consultancy that offers a different approach.  We carry out diagnoses, strategy design and organisational improvement, as well as providing support to implement and operationalise defined solutions through consultancy, interim management, technology and analytics services.

With offices in London, Moscow, Perth, Sydney, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, we cover a global footprint, and have worked in over 25 countries.  Our business model is based on the concept of management engineering, applied through our central areas of expertise: Supply Chain and Operations, Administration and Finance, People and Performance, Interim Management and Technology.

Our experience is supported by an extensive set of practice benchmarks and our award-winning, internal talent management model.  By having outstanding people, well motivated and with a differentiated culture of delivery and relationship building, we ensure that our clients maximise their returns on investment.


About DiManEx BV

DiManEx is 3D printing made easy for supply chain teams. Our end-to-end platform enables organisations to identify the right parts for additive manufacturing, the digitization of inventory and the production of parts on demand through a network of industrial-quality 3D printing facilities.

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