Continuous growth is one of the main goals for all companies in all industries, however, not easily attained, mainly due to competition. To achieve such status, a company must have a sustainable business model, where important factors such as unexpected peak in demand and lack of manpower are taken into consideration.


Growth that is continuous over time is an incredible achievement for a company, mainly due to all the challenges that the industry presents. Even more impressive than that, is when a company has the status of a Fast Growing Company. Nowadays, there are several frameworks, theories and studies regarding how a company can achieve this status at a steady pace. However, it is not easily attained, Fast Growing Companies must have the attitude in its DNA, it is important that all the employees have the same resilience and will to grow and deliver results.


Visagio is a management consulting company that has had this goal in mind since it started its operations in Brazil, 15 years ago. Over time it has demonstrated incredible results in growth of the organic nature and has been recognized for this in all countries it operates in. Five years ago, Visagio accepted a new challenge of opening an office in Australia, where rapid growth was noticeable from the beginning. “Visagio’s purpose is to support differentiated people to unlock their full potential and achieve great things. Our fast growth in these five years shows not only that this purpose comes with a business model that works, but it is also sustainable”, said Wilson Casado, Visagio’s Managing Partner in Australia.


Visagio’s fast growth in these five years in Australia demonstrates that this purpose is accompanied by a sustainable business model. This year Visagio is a nominee for the 2017 Rising Starts Award, which recognises and celebrates Western Australian companies with consistent growth.


We hope that being a Rising Start is an inspiration to others to dream big! We invite you to vote for Visagio clicking on the link below.