At the end of 2018, Visagio hosted the National Procurement Forum in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, bringing together Chief Procurement Officers, Supply Chain Directors and other key decision makers from across the country.  The event aimed to connect and inform that audience, providing them with information on the latest trends and lessons learnt in procurement and supply chain.

Opening the session, Visagio presented the results of its National Procurement Survey, which gathered information from over 40 organisations on the latest trends and issues affecting that area.

The first keynote presentation came from Eliane Moraes and André Fialho, respectively the Purchasing and Operations Superintendents for Itaú Bank, focused on their experience in aligning their respective areas at the largest bank in Latin America, both with each other and with the bank’s overall business strategy.  They highlighted that the results of that effort came in the form of greater efficiencies and reduced costs.

Next, a panel comprising Leonardo Marques (Supply Chain Professor at UFRJ), Marcio Hannas (CEO of VLT Carioca, Rio de Janeiro’s light transport company) and Mauro Andrade (Vice-President of Oil & Gas firm Equinor in Brazil) and facilitated by Vinícius Panisset (Senior Consultant at Visagio), discussed the major challenges in procurement management.  The key conclusion from the debate was that, as a result of the widespread digital transformation that many companies are now realising, personnel in Procurement will need to have a more developed analytical aptitude, with intellectual curiosity to seek knowledge from across their own business and from the wider market.

Building on that theme, the panel also spoke about the need for companies to prepare themselves for digitization, something that is now a tangible reality.  This requires firms to adopt an agile culture if they are not to be left behind. For Procurement, this means complying with the digital transformation and promoting the automation of its routines and operational processes.  Moreover, Procurement will play a key role in connecting the company to this digital ecosystem, linking the business to the new solutions that emerge on the market.

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The Forum also discussed the growing demand for transparency in Procurement and the wider supply chain, not only at the bridge between consumer and company, but upstream between companies and their suppliers.  Those firms which are already taking advantage of technologies to achieve that goal, such as through the implementation of blockchain in their supply chains, are ahead of the pack. Although these solution sets can appear to be over-hyped and distant from delivering tangible benefits, as well as being more related to cryptocurrencies, innovation-led companies are already realizing the transformations needed and accruing gains in their data exchange along the supply chain.

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This Forum is one of several that Visagio runs on an annual basis.  Look out for further events on Visagio News