Once more we are pleased to be part of Supply Chain Movement Consulting Subway Map 2020. The SCM surveys consultancies across Europe – a mature market with thousands of consultancies offering their support – and the results provide an important insight for organisations looking for the support of providers with proven knowledge whom they can trust. Supply Chain Movement highlighted our capabilities in two specific categories
  • Spare Parts Management, Reverse Chain Management
  • Inventory Management & Optimization
The publication brought attention to the high demand for digitalisation of the workforce, a topic that is very familiar to us. This is one area that Visagio has been helping organisations with, implementing solutions and new ways of working to help them achieve the efficiencies, cost reductions and revenue increases that they have sought.  From Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to the use of 3D printing in solving inventory management challenges, our consultants will identify opportunities, design new strategies, implement effective measures and train your team to ensure the success of the operation. Given the disrupted nature of 2020, organisations were caught off-guard to deal with the crisis; as a result, now more than ever, digital transformation is key to managing the uncertainty and preparing for what comes next.
You can access the Consultancy Subway Map 2020 here, and find out more about the survey by clicking here.