With the growing concern with ensuring supply chain resilience across sectors, Visagio’s Len Pannett was recently interviewed by Trans.Info, the specialist logistics and transportation portal, on how 3D printing can overcome many of the challenges that curtail agility, responsiveness and flexibility in supply chains.

Len highlighted how many companies are already using the technology to reduce lead times, cut costs and risk, and increase autonomy when it comes to spare parts management.

To illustrate the capability that 3D printing has to quickly respond to changing requirements, Len highlighted how it contributed to the fast supply of new ventilators and PPE when the 2020 Covid pandemic hit hospitals worldwide.  This, he added, was proof that 3D printing has a very real role in many supply chains and, in light of recent experience, that role will expand over the near term as new situations for its application are identified.

Len also discussed how 3D printing contributes to sustainability, from reducing energy and materials use in the production of items to crashing levels of obsolescence in inventories, reducing waste, helping firms to achieve their ESG targets.

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