Blockchain is not just a trend anymore. Financial and Technology companies have made their leap of faith and now they prove we are not talking about an abstract concept applicable only for crypto currencies and tech industry: Blockchain is a reality and it not only can, but will bring efficiency to your Supply Chain.

On 5th December we are holding the next CSCMP event in Birmingham, and Richard Stockley, head of Blockchain at IBM, will guide us through the first steps for the implementation of the Digital Transformation, the risks of the innovation process and what values it will bring to your company. He’ll introduce TradeLends, a Blockchain technology platform that enables digital collaboration from shipper to client in real-time without compromising details, privacy and confidentiality.


5th December, 18:00-21:00
Aston University, Birmingham, B4 7ET

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Keynote speaker:

Richard Stockley
Head of Blockchain at IBM
Richard Stockley is the Head of Blockchain for IBM UKI. He has sales responsibility for all blockchain services and software in the United Kingdom and Ireland and is the focal for IBMs blockchain solutions including the strategic partnership with Maersk bringing transparency to the maritime supply chain (TradeLens). Richard has extensive experience in Management, Marketing and Business Process. Prior to IBM he owned and operated a digital publisher in Vietnam. He has an MBA from the University of Cambridge.