One of the noteworthy results of disruption in 2020 has been the increased prominence of sustainability in supply chain decisions.  Against the backdrop of the need to tackle the impacts of climate change, the “perfect storm” of increased focus on ESG by financial investors, the shifting demands from consumers and the need for better resilience has resulted in supply chains seeking innovations that can bring visibility and control.

Recently, Visagio’s Supply Chain Partner Len Pannett interviewed Martin Chilcott, the Founder and CEO of Manufacture 2030, on what is driving this increased focus, what the benefits are of embedding sustainability in supply chains, and the lessons learned from companies that have done so.   Martin’s experience in launching and running successful internet businesses in the late 1990s, convinced him that the global community was once more at the brink of systemic change – driven by the need to become sustainable. Having witnessed the power of enterprise and digital technology to drive change once already, Martin was convinced business had to be at the heart of the sustainability revolution, and that web technologies would play a major role in accelerating the process. Unsurprisingly, 2degrees – the world’s leading collaboration platform and service for sustainable business – was born and from it came Manufacture 2030, the software platform on a mission to halve resource use in global manufacturing by 2030.

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